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Avr 2020 - AAP BPI CoviTREMa

Thanks to funding from Bpifrance, we were able to start a study in patients with COVID-19 evaluating a new molecule developed by Inotrem.

Fév 2020 - RHU RECORDS

The call for proposals "University Hospital Research" of the French Research National Agency (ANR) allows financing innovative and large-scale research projects in healthcare. The RECORDS project is coordinated by Pr ANNANE (AP-HP) and includes the members of the CRICS-TRIGGERSEP network. It aims to develop tools for rapid recognition of corticosteroid-sensitive or resistant sepsis, and to develop a national platform of sepsis patients.

Sep 2017 - 3rd Health Program EU-JAMRAI

European Joint Action antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare-Associated Infections. This joint action, coordinated by Pr Ploy (UMR Inserm 1092) on behalf of Inserm, focuses on antibiotic resistance and healthcare associated infections. The Consortium brings together 44 partners from 27 countries and includes a One Health dimension (human-animal-environment). 

Nov 2015 - H2020 PHC15 SEPCELL

The SEPCELL project aims at developing new therapeutic alternatives for patients with severe Sepsis. For this purpose, adipose-derived mesanchymal stem cells are administered to humans in a clinical trial. 

Mar 2015 - IMI 1 Call 9 COMBACTE-CARE

Combatting Resistance in Europe - Carbapenem Resistance. This Consortium targets carbapenem-resistant bacterial infections. The objective is to better understand these resistance mechanisms, in order to better treat patients.          

Jan 2015 - IMI Call 11 COMBACTE-MAGNET

Combatting Bacterial Resistance in Europe - Molecules Against Gram-Negative Infections. The objective of this Consortium is to better understand the causes of infections due to Gram-negative bacteria, which are resistant to antibiotic treatments. Respiratory infections are especially studied.

Oct 2013 - Inauguration Increase

Following the granting of the first COMBACTE project, a unit dedicated to the management of international projects was created at Limoges University Hospital. This unit, which is operationally affiliated with the CIC 1435, includes project and financial managers. 

Jan 2013 - IMI 1 Call 6 COMBACTE-NET

Combatting Bacterial Resistance in Europe - Networks. The first of the COMBACTE Consortia has created 3 essential pillars: CLIN-Net, LAB-Net and STAT-Net, which are European networks of investigation sites, laboratories, and statistics, respectively, dedicated to research in antibiotic resistance.


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COMBACTE: Combatting bacterial resistance in Europe.


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Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare-Associated Infections.



 title line

Call for proposals watch
recherche translationnelle
A constant watch of calls for proposals launched at the national or international level is carried out. The concerned scientific teams are then targeted and offered to apply.

Project set-up and submission
montage projets
Increase provides support or manages the entire process of setting up and submitting projects, from the analysis of the call for proposals and its drafting to the signing of the consortium agreements.
European and/or national coordination
Overall coordination of the consortium with the main partners and management of the administrative, financial, legal and operational aspects of the project.
European (or even international) and/or national coordination of Phase 1 to 3 trials: management of participating sites, contact with Sponsors / CROs, participation in operational meetings, quality management (GCP), compliance with budget and schedule, regulatory submissions, reporting....
Subcontracting activities
Partenariats industriels
Several types of subcontracting have been developed: with CROs, European investigation sites, scientific experts. 
These activities require skills in negotiating contracts for which the Limoges University Hospital is a party, including compliance with deadlines and applicable public regulations, which are sometimes complex to implement in the context of public-private partnerships.
Financial monitoring
Partenariats industriels
Projects that win European calls for proposals are entirely or partly financed by public funds.  Strict monitoring of income and expenditure is therefore essential, especially since audits can be carried out by funding bodies up to several years after the end of the projects.