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Publication et diffusion des connaissances 2020

First-in-human use of a marine oxygen carrier (M101) for organ preservation: a safety and proof-of-principle study.

Le Meur Y, Badet L, Essig M, Thierry A, Büchler M, Drouin S, Deruelle C, Morelon E,
Pesteil F, Delpech PO, Boutin JM, Renard F, Barrou B.

Am J Transplant. 2020 Jun ; 20(6):1729-1738
Association of Interleukin 7 Immunotherapy With Lymphocyte Counts Among Patients With Severe Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Laterre PF, François B, Collienne C, Hantson P, Jeannet R, Remy KE, Hotchkiss RS.

JAMA Netw Open.. 2020 Jul 1 ; 3(7):e2016485
Severe COVID-19 is associated with deep and sustained multifaceted cellular immunosuppression.

Jeannet R, Daix T, Formento R, Feuillard J, François B.

Intensive Care Med.. 2020 ; 1-3
The challenge of ventilator-associated pneumonia diagnosis in COVID-19 patients.

François B, Laterre PF, Luyt CE, Chastre J.

Crit Care.. 2020 ; 24(1):289
Nangibotide in patients with septic shock: a Phase 2a randomized controlled clinical trial.

François B, Wittebole X, Ferrer R, Mira JP, Dugernier T, Gibot S, Derive M, Olivier A,
Cuvier V, Witte S, Pickkers P, Vandenhende F, Garaud JJ, Sánchez M, Salcedo-Magguilli
M, Laterre PF.

Intensive Care Med.. 2020 Jul ; 46(7):1425-1437
Immunotherapies for COVID-19: lessons learned from sepsis.Immunotherapies for COVID-19: lessons learned from sepsis.

Remy KE, Brakenridge SC, Francois B, Daix T, Deutschman CS, Monneret G, Jeannet R,
Laterre PF, Hotchkiss RS, Moldawer LL.

Lancet Respir Med.. 2020 Apr 28 ; 28:S2213-2600(20)30217-4
Spontaneous community-acquired PVL-producing Staphylococcus aureus mediastinitis in an immunocompetent adult - a case report.

Brisset J, Daix T, Tricard J, Evrard B, Vignon P, Barraud O, François B.

BMC Infect Dis.. 2020 May 19 ; 20(1):354
Left ventricular overloading identified by critical care echocardiography is key in weaning-induced pulmonary edema.

Goudelin M, Champy P, Amiel JB, Evrard B, Fedou AL, Daix T, François B, Vignon P.

Intensive Care Med.. 2020 Jul ; 46(7):1371-1381
Should we stimulate or suppress immune responses in COVID-19? Cytokine and anti- cytokine interventions.

Jamilloux Y, Henry T, Belot A, Viel S, Fauter M, El Jammal T, Walzer T, François B, Sève

Autoimmun Rev.. 2020 Jul ; 19(7):102567
The clinical relevance of oliguria in the critically ill patient: analysis of a large observational database.

Vincent JL, Ferguson A, Pickkers P, Jakob SM, Jaschinski U, Almekhlafi GA, Leone M,
Mokhtari M, Fontes LE, Bauer PR, Sakr Y; ICON Investigators(Collab : B François)

Crit Care.. 2020 Apr 23 ; 24(1):171
Prevention of Early Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia.Reply.

François B, Giraudeau B, Vignon P.

N Engl J Med.. 2020 ; 382(17):1673-1674
Fluvac study group. Characteristics of human metapneumovirus infection in adults hospitalized for community-acquired influenza-like illness in France, 2012-2018: a retrospective observational study.

Loubet P, Mathieu P, Lenzi N, Galtier F, Lainé F, Lesieur Z, Vanhems P, Duval X, Postil D,
Amour S, Rogez S, Lagathu G, L'Honneur AS, Foulongne V, Houhou N, Lina B, Carrat F,
Launay O;

Clin Microbiol Infect.. 2020 Apr 10 ; S1198-743X(20)30190-7
Added value of serial bio-adrenomedullin measurement in addition to lactate for the prognosis of septic patients admitted to ICU.

Blet A, de Roquetaillade C, Hartmann O, Struck J, Mebazaa A, Chousterman BG;
Adrenoss-1 study investigators

(Collab: B François, P Vignon, N Rodier, L

Baudrillart, M Nouaille, S Laleu, T Daix, P Bourzeix, I Herafa, AA Duchambon)

Crit Care.. 2020 Feb 28 ; 24(1):69
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Shedding in French Day-Care Centers: A Nationwide Study of Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Centers' Practices, and Parents' Awareness of CMV.

Alain S, Garnier-Geoffroy F, Labrunie A, Montané A, Marin B, Gatet M, Grosjean J,
Dufour V, Saugeras M, Postil D, Hantz S.

J Pediatric Infect Dis Soc.. 2020 Feb 18 ; piz:097
Non-influenza respiratory viruses in adult patients admitted with influenza-like illness: a 3-year prospective multicenter study.

Bénézit F, Loubet P, Galtier F, Pronier C, Lenzi N, Lesieur Z, Jouneau S, Lagathu G,
L'Honneur AS, Foulongne V, Vallejo C, Alain S, Duval X, Houhou N, Costa Y, Vanhems P,
Amour S, Carrat F, Lina B, Launay O, Tattevin P; FLUVAC Study Group.

Infection.. 2020 Aug ; 48(4):489-495
Pharmacokinetics and safety of aztreonam/avibactam for the treatment of complicated intra-abdominal infections in hospitalized adults: results from the REJUVENATE study.

Cornely OA, Cisneros JM, Torre-Cisneros J, Rodríguez-Hernández MJ, Tallón-Aguilar L,
Calbo E, Horcajada JP, Queckenberg C, Zettelmeyer U, Arenz D, Rosso-Fernández CM,
Jiménez-Jorge S, Turner G, Raber S, O'Brien S, Luckey A; COMBACTE-CARE
consortium/REJUVENATE Study Group. (Collab: D Postil)

J Antimicrob Chemother.. 2020 Mar 1 ; 75(3):618-627
Attitudes, knowledge, and willingness to be vaccinated against seasonal influenza among patients hospitalized with influenza-like-illness: impact of diagnostic testing.

Tubiana S, Launay O, Galtier F, Tattevin P, Postil D, Vanhems P, Lenzi N, Verger P, Duval

Hum Vaccin Immunother.. 2020 Apr 2 ; 16(4):851-857
Comparative Early Hemodynamic Profiles in Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Septic and Nonseptic Acute Circulatory Failure Using Focused Echocardiography.

Lafon T, Appert A, Hadj M, Bigrat V, Legarcon V, Claveries P, Goudelin M, Evrard B,
Padilla ACH, Baisse A, Vignon P.

Shock.. 2020 Jun ; 53(6):695-700
Left ventricular overloading is the leading mechanism in extubation failure of patients at high-risk of weaning-induced pulmonary edema.

Goudelin M, Evrard B, Vignon P.

Intensive Care Med.. 2020 Oct ; 46(10):1962-1964
Cardiovascular phenotypes in ventilated patients with COVID-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Evrard B, Goudelin M, Montmagnon N, Fedou AL, Lafon T, Vignon P.

Crit Care.. 2020 ; 24(1):236
Transesophageal Echocardiography Remains Essential and Safe during Prone Ventilation for Hemodynamic Monitoring of Patients with COVID-19.

Evrard B, Goudelin M, Vignon P.

J Am Soc Echocardiogr.. 2020 ; 33(8):1057-1059
Nationwide survey on training and device utilization during tracheal intubation in French intensive care units.

Martin M, Decamps P, Seguin A, Garret C, Crosby L, Zambon O, Miailhe AF, Canet E,
Reignier J, Lascarrou JB; Intubation Practices Survey Group. (Collab : P Vignon)

Ann Intensive Care.. 2020 Jan 3 ; 10(1):2
Systematic review and literature appraisal on methodology of conducting and reporting critical-care echocardiography studies: a report from the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine PRICES expert panel.

Huang S, Sanfilippo F, Herpain A, Balik M, Chew M, Clau-Terré F, Corredor C, De Backer
D, Fletcher N, Geri G, Mekontso-Dessap A, McLean A, Morelli A, Orde S, Petrinic T,
Slama M, van der Horst ICC, Vignon P, Mayo P, Vieillard-Baron A.

Ann Intensive Care.. 2020 Apr 25 ; 10(1):49
Continuous cardiac output assessment or serial echocardiography during septic shock resuscitation?

Vignon P.

Ann Transl Med.. 2020 ; 8(12):797
Post-kyphoplasty cement embolism migrating to the peritoneum through the right ventricle.

Plateker O, Daix T, Boulogne C, Rousselle V, Vignon P, Porterie J.

J Cardiovasc Comput Tomogr.. 2020 ; S1934-5925(19)30755-5
School level of children carrying a HNF1B variant or a deletion.

Laliève F, Decramer S, Heidet L, Baudouin V, Lahoche A, Llanas B, Cochat P,
Tenenbaum J, Lavocat MP, Eckart P, Broux F, Roussey G, Cloarec S, Vrillon I, Dunand O,
Bessenay L, Tsimaratos M, Nobili F, Pietrement C, De Parscau L, Bonneville V, Rodier N,
Saint-Martin C, Chassaing N, Michel-Calemard L, Moriniere V, Bellanné-Chantelot C,

Bahans C, Guigonis V.

Eur J Hum Genet.. 2020 ; 28(1):56-63
Effect of Hydrocortisone on 21-Day Mortality or Respiratory Support Among Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

Dequin PF, Heming N, Meziani F, Plantefève G, Voiriot G, Badié J, François B, Aubron
C, Ricard JD, Ehrmann S, Jouan Y, Guillon A, Leclerc M, Coffre C, Bourgoin H, Lengellé
C, Caille-Fénérol C, Tavernier E, Zohar S, Giraudeau B, Annane D, Le Gouge A; CAPE
COVID Trial Group and the CRICS-TriGGERSep Network.

JAMA.. 2020 Sep 2. ; doi: 10.1001/jama.2020.16761.
Randomized Phase 2 Trial of a Novel Clonidine Mucoadhesive Buccal Tablet for the Amelioration of Oral Mucositis in Patients Treated With Concomitant Chemoradiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer.

Giralt J, Tao Y, Kortmann RD, Zasadny X, Contreras-Martinez J, Ceruse P, Arias de la
Vega F, Lalla RV, Ozsahin EM, Pajkos G, Mazar A, Attali P, Bossi P, Vasseur B, Sonis S,
Henke M, Bensadoun RJ.

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys.. 2020 Feb 1 ; 106(2):320-328
NSE as a Predictor of Death or Poor Neurological Outcome after Non-Shockable Cardiac Arrest Due to Any Cause: Ancillary Study of HYPERION Trial Data.

Lascarrou JB, Miailhe AF, le Gouge A, Cario A, Dequin PF, Reignier J, Coupez E,
Quenot JP, Legriel S, Pichon N, Thevenin D, Boulain T, Frat JP, Vimeux S, Colin G,
Desroys du Roure F.

Resuscitation.. 2020 ; S0300-9572(20)30593-1
Volume status and volume responsiveness in postoperative cardiac surgical patients: An observational, multicentre cohort study.

Schulz L, Geri G, Vieillard-Baron A, Vignon P, Parkin G, Aneman A.

Acta Anaesthesiol Scand.. 2020 Nov 9 ;
Autoantibodies against type I IFNs in patients with life-threatening COVID-19.

Bastard P, Rosen LB, Zhang Q, Michailidis E, Hoffmann HH, Zhang Y, Dorgham K,
Philippot Q, Rosain J, Béziat V, Manry J, Shaw E, Haljasmägi L, Peterson P, Lorenzo L,
Bizien L, Trouillet-Assant S, Dobbs K, de Jesus AA, Belot A, Kallaste A, Catherinot E,
Tandjaoui-Lambiotte Y, Le Pen J, Kerner G, Bigio B, Seeleuthner Y, Yang R, Bolze A,
Spaan AN, Delmonte OM, Abers MS, Aiuti A, Casari G, Lampasona V, Piemonti L,

Ciceri F, Bilguvar K, Lifton RP, Vasse M, Smadja DM, Migaud M, Hadjadj J, Terrier B,
Duffy D, Quintana-Murci L, van de Beek D, Roussel L, Vinh DC, Tangye SG, Haerynck F,
Dalmau D, Martinez-Picado J, Brodin P, Nussenzweig MC, Boisson-Dupuis S,
Rodríguez-Gallego C, Vogt G, Mogensen TH, Oler AJ, Gu J, Burbelo PD, Cohen JI,
Biondi A, Bettini LR, D'Angio M, Bonfanti P, Rossignol P, Mayaux J, Rieux-Laucat F,
Husebye ES, Fusco F, Ursini MV, Imberti L, Sottini A, Paghera S, Quiros-Roldan E, Rossi
C, Castagnoli R, Montagna D, Licari A, Marseglia GL, Duval X, Ghosn J; HGID Lab;
NIAID-USUHS Immune Response to COVID Group; COVID Clinicians; COVID-STORM
Clinicians; Imagine COVID Group; French COVID Cohort Study Group; Milieu Intérieur
Consortium; CoV-Contact Cohort; Amsterdam UMC Covid-19 Biobank; COVID Human
Genetic Effort, Tsang JS, Goldbach-Mansky R, Kisand K, Lionakis MS, Puel A, Zhang SY,
Holland SM, Gorochov G, Jouanguy E, Rice CM, Cobat A, Notarangelo LD, Abel L, Su
HC, Casanova JL. (Inv: B François)

Science. 2020 Oct 23 ; 370(6515):eabd4585
Right ventricular failure in septic shock: characterization, incidence and impact on fluid responsiveness.

Vieillard-Baron A, Prigent A, Repessé X, Goudelin M, Prat G, Evrard B, Charron C,
Vignon P, Geri G.

Crit Care.. 2020 Nov 1 ; 24(1):630
Inborn errors of type I IFN immunity in patients with life-threatening COVID-19.

Zhang Q, Bastard P, Liu Z, Le Pen J, Moncada-Velez M, Chen J, Ogishi M, Sabli IKD,
Hodeib S, Korol C, Rosain J, Bilguvar K, Ye J, Bolze A, Bigio B, Yang R, Arias AA, Zhou Q,
Zhang Y, Onodi F, Korniotis S, Karpf L, Philippot Q, Chbihi M, Bonnet-Madin L,
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L, Han JE, Lorenzo L, Bizien L, Meade P, Neehus AL, Ugurbil AC, Corneau A, Kerner G,
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Voyer T, Khan T, Li J, Fellay J, Roussel L, Shahrooei M, Alosaimi MF, Mansouri D, Al-
Saud H, Al-Mulla F, Almourfi F, Al-Muhsen SZ, Alsohime F, Al Turki S, Hasanato R, van
de Beek D, Biondi A, Bettini LR, D'Angio' M, Bonfanti P, Imberti L, Sottini A, Paghera S,
Quiros-Roldan E, Rossi C, Oler AJ, Tompkins MF, Alba C, Vandernoot I, Goffard JC,
Smits G, Migeotte I, Haerynck F, Soler-Palacin P, Martin-Nalda A, Colobran R,
Morange PE, Keles S, Çölkesen F, Ozcelik T, Yasar KK, Senoglu S, Karabela ŞN,

Rodríguez-Gallego C, Novelli G, Hraiech S, Tandjaoui-Lambiotte Y, Duval X, Laouénan
C; COVID-STORM Clinicians; COVID Clinicians; Imagine COVID Group; French COVID
Cohort Study Group; CoV-Contact Cohort; Amsterdam UMC Covid-19 Biobank; COVID
Human Genetic Effort; NIAID-USUHS/TAGC COVID Immunity Group, Snow AL, Dalgard
CL, Milner JD, Vinh DC, Mogensen TH, Marr N, Spaan AN, Boisson B, Boisson-Dupuis
S, Bustamante J, Puel A, Ciancanelli MJ, Meyts I, Maniatis T, Soumelis V, Amara A,
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Gorochov G, Béziat V, Jouanguy E, Sancho-Shimizu V, Rice CM, Abel L, Notarangelo
LD, Cobat A, Su HC, Casanova JL. (Inv: Bruno François)

Science. 2020 Oct 23 ; 370(6515):eadb4570
New Agents in Development for Sepsis: Any Reason for Hope?

Vignon P, Laterre PF, Daix T, François B.

Drugs.. 2020 Nov ; 80(17):1751-1761
Phenotypical and functional alteration of unconventional T cells in severe COVID-19 patients.

Jouan Y, Guillon A, Gonzalez L, Perez Y, Boisseau C, Ehrmann S, Ferreira M, Daix T,
Jeannet R, François B
, Dequin PF, Si-Tahar M, Baranek T, Paget C.

J Exp Med.. 2020 Dec 7 ; 217(12):e20200872
Risk factors for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) severity and mortality among solid cancer patients and impact of the disease on anticancer treatment: A French nationwide cohort study (GCO-002 CACOVID-19).

Lièvre A, Turpin A, Ray-Coquard I, Le Malicot K, Thariat J, Ahle G, Neuzillet C, Paoletti
X, Bouché O, Aldabbagh K, Michel P, Debieuvre D, Canellas A, Wislez M, Laurent L,
Mabro M, Colle R, Hardy-Bessard AC, Mansi L, Colomba E, Bourhis J, Gorphe P,
Pointreau Y, Idbaih A, Ursu R, Di Stefano AL, Zalcman G, Aparicio T; GCO-002
CACOVID-19 collaborators/investigators. (Inv: D Genet)

Eur J Cancer.. 2020 ; 141:62-81
The FcγRIIIA-158 VV genotype increased the risk of post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder in T-cell-depleted kidney transplant recipients - a retrospective study.

Gatault P, Lajoie L, Stojanova J, Halimi JM, Caillard S, Moyrand S, Martinez D, Ladrière
M, Morelon E, Merville P, Essig M, Vigneau C, Kamar N, Bouvier N, Westeel PF,
Mariat C, Hazzan M, Thierry A, Etienne I, Büchler M, Marquet P, Gouilleux-Gruart V,
Thibault G.

Transpl Int.. 2020 Aug ; 33(8):936-947
Persistent Lymphocytopenia Does Not Increase Nosocomial Infection Risk in the ICU.

Varkila MRJ, Marrec L, Daix T, Hoefer IE, Haitjema S, Bonten MJM, Cremer OL.

Am J Respir Crit Care Med.. 2020 Dec 17 ;
Gemcitabine plus nab-paclitaxel until progression or alternating with FOLFIRI.3, as first-line treatment for patients with metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma: The Federation Francophone de Cancérologie Digestive- PRODIGE 37 randomised phase II study (FIRGEMAX).

Rinaldi Y, Pointet AL, Khemissa Akouz F, Le Malicot K, Wahiba B, Louafi S, Gratet A,
Miglianico L, Laharie H, Bouhier Leporrier K, Thirot Bidault A, Texereau P, Coriat R,
Terrebonne E, Gouttebel MC, Malka D, Bachet JB, Lepage C, Taieb J; PRODIGE 37
 (Inv : D Genet)

Eur J Cancer.. 2020 Sep ; 136:25-34
Early evaluation using a radiomic signature of unresectable hepatic metastases to predict outcome in patients with colorectal cancer treated with FOLFIRI and bevacizumab.

Dohan A, Gallix B, Guiu B, Le Malicot K, Reinhold C, Soyer P, Bennouna J, Ghiringhelli
F, Barbier E, Boige V, Taieb J, Bouché O, François E, Phelip JM, Borel C, Faroux R, Seitz
JF, Jacquot S, Ben Abdelghani M, Khemissa-Akouz F, Genet D, Jouve JL, Rinaldi Y,
Desseigne F, Texereau P, Suc E, Lepage C, Aparicio T, Hoeffel C; PRODIGE 9
Investigators and PRODIGE 20 Investigators.

Gut.. 2020 Mar ; 69(3):531-539
Drastic Reduction of Turnaround Time After Implementation of a Fully Automated Assay for RAS-BRAF Mutations in Colorectal Cancer: A Pilot Prospective Study in Real-life Conditions.

Rossat S, Perrier H, Lefevre M, Louvet C, Le Berre N, Chamois J, Dorel M, Vacque D,
Guillaudeau A, Genet D, Maillet E, Triby S, Sabourin JC.

Pathol Oncol Res.. 2020 Oct ; 26(4):2469-2473
A phase Ib/IIa, randomised, double-blind, multicentre trial to assess the safety and efficacy of expanded Cx611 allogeneic adipose-derived stem cells (eASCs) for the treatment of patients with community-acquired bacterial pneumonia admitted to the intensive care unit.

Laterre PF, Sánchez-García M, van der Poll T, de la Rosa O, Cadogan KA, Lombardo E,
François B.

BMC Pulm Med.. 2020 Nov 25 ; 20(1):309
Outcomes in 886 Critically Ill Patients After Near-Hanging Injury.

de Charentenay L, Schnell G, Pichon N, Schenck M, Cronier P, Perbet S, Lascarrou JB,
Rossignol T, Lesieur O, Argaud L, Colin G, Cholley B, Quenot JP, Merdji H, Silva S,
Piagnerelli M, Chelly J, Salvetti M, Couraud S, Deye N, Danguy des Déserts M, Paul M,
Thiery G, Simon M, Martin C, Vincent F, Das V, Jacq G, Jacobs F, Soummer A, Mayaux
J, Beuret P, Ouchenir A, Durant C, Darmon M, Azoulay E, Sauneuf B, Daubin C,
Mongardon N, Biard L, Cariou A, Geeraerts T, Legriel S; Antigone Investigators. (Inv: Vignon P)

Chest.. 2020 Dec ; 158(6):2404-2413
Estimation of Pulmonary Artery Occlusion Pressure Using Doppler Echocardiography in Mechanically Ventilated Patients.

Brault C, Marc J, Mercado P, Diouf M, Tribouilloy C, Zerbib Y, Maizel J, Vignon P,
Slama M.

Crit Care Med.. 2020 Oct ; 48(10):e943-e950
Performances of disseminated intravascular coagulation scoring systems in septic shock patients.

Helms J, Severac F, Merdji H, Clere-Jehl R, François B, Mercier E, Quenot JP, Meziani F;
CRICS TRIGGERSEP Group (Clinical Research in Intensive Care and Sepsis Trial Group for
Global Evaluation and Research in Sepsis).

Ann Intensive Care.. 2020 Jul 10 ; 10(1):92

Publications 2020

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